Prince Phantom 1 Review

As someone who’s always looking for the best gear for my tennis game, I recently decided to give the Prince Phantom 1 Black/White Men’s Shoes a try.

I’d been hearing some good things about this fresh addition to the market, I was excited to see how it would perform.

In this Prince Phantom 1 Review, I’ll share my personal experience with these shoes and highlight their standout features, comfort, and overall performance. So, let’s dive in!

Prince Phantom 1 Review (Overview)

Product NamePrince Phantom 1 Black/White Men’s Shoes
US Men’s Shoe Size7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.5, 12.0, 13.0
Upper MaterialSynthetic and mesh materials combined
Midsole MaterialFull length EVA foam
Outsole MaterialX-Light Endurance rubber compound
Fit DetailsLength: Long (recommend going down a half size for a snug fit), Width: Medium, Arch: Slightly Low, Break-in: Slight, Surface: All Court, Weight: 14.4 ounces (size 10.5 US)
DesignMid-cut ankle collar, blade-like outrigger on lateral side of toe-box, wide outsole, plush padding around the achilles
Performance FeaturesSupport, stability, comfort, ventilation, durability, traction
Best Fit ForAggressive movers seeking ankle support
Recommended ForTennis

Design and Aesthetics

Right off the bat, I noticed the unique mid-cut design that sets the Prince Phantom 1 apart from most other tennis shoes. This design ensures optimal stability and reinforcement, which is essential for quick lateral movements on the court. The blend of synthetic and mesh materials in the upper ensures durability while promoting airflow to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The outsole is translucent, with an X-Light Endurance rubber compound that offers great grip and traction on various court surfaces.

The shoe features a straightforward lacing system and a padded tongue, making it easy to achieve a snug and secure fit. The tongue is thick, which took some getting used to, but it didn’t hinder my overall experience. However, the color palette is somewhat limited, and with a price tag of $119.00, the shoe can be considered slightly costly.

In terms of appearance, the Prince Phantom 1 showcases a fun style and design, with a big wedge on the lateral side that provides extra support and helps players push off when they need to recover to the center of the court for their next shot.

Support and Comfort

I found that the mid-cut design of the Prince Phantom 1 provided excellent ankle support and a locked-in feel, similar to what you’d expect from basketball shoes. As someone with wider feet, I was pleased that these shoes fit true to size, offering a snug yet comfortable fit.

Although a break-in period is required for optimal comfort, I experienced a minimal adjustment phase. The shoe boasts noteworthy breathability and cushioning, making it a comfortable option for long matches on the court. The hidden shank inside the shoe offers a flexible point right up under the toes, helping players with their movement and footwork.

Performance on the Court

The Prince Phantom 1 truly shined in terms of on-court performance. The outsole provided superb traction and stability, enabling me to move quickly and confidently. The shoes felt responsive and agile, allowing for swift changes of direction without any issues.

The shoe’s midsole is comfortable and provides good cushioning and responsiveness. The slightly low profile of the shoe gave me a good feel for the court, which is important for players looking to stay agile and move quickly during matches. The padded tongue and breathable upper added to the overall comfort of the shoe, making it a great option for players.

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History of Prince Phantom Shoes: Not Just Rackets Anymore

As a long-time fan of Prince, I’ve always known them for their exceptional tennis rackets. I was shocked to find they sell tennis shoes.

Prince is a well-known sports equipment brand, primarily focused on manufacturing tennis, squash, and badminton gear. The company was founded in 1970 by Robert H. McClure and Howard Head in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, which inspired its name.

In its early years, Prince revolutionized the tennis industry by introducing the first oversized tennis racket, the “Prince Classic,” which offered a larger sweet spot and more power for players.

In addition to tennis rackets, Prince also manufactures other tennis equipment, such as strings, grips, bags, and shoes.

It’s exciting to see that Prince has now extended their expertise beyond rackets and into the world of tennis shoes as well. The Prince Phantom series is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing top-quality equipment for tennis enthusiasts of all levels.

The Prince Phantom shoes showcase the brand’s dedication to innovation and performance in every aspect of the game. From the distinctive mid-cut design to the X-Light Endurance rubber compound outsole, Prince has crafted a tennis shoe that not only looks stylish but also provides the support and stability that players need on the court.


I hope you found this Prince Phantom 1 Review helpful. In summary, the Prince Phantom 1 offers a stylish design, high-performance features, and a comfortable fit that caters to tennis players seeking a reliable and fashionable option on the court. With commendable stability, coziness, and reinforcement, the Prince Phantom 1 shines in many aspects.

However, certain areas could use refinement, such as the shoe’s durability, particularly in the toe box and outsole. Moreover, the limited color palette and the price tag of $119.00 might be a drawback for some.

Nonetheless, if you’re willing to invest in a shoe that boasts a unique mid-cut design and delivers excellent performance, the Prince Phantom 1 is worth considering.

Despite the minor drawbacks, I would highly recommend the Prince Phantom 1 shoes to any tennis player looking for a comfortable, responsive, and stable option on the court. The shoe’s unique design, coupled with its high-performance features, makes it a great choice for players at any level. In the end, Prince Phantom 1 has become a new favorite of mine, and I’m excited to continue using it on the court.

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