Ultraboost 4.0 DNA vs 5.0 DNA: A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to premium athletic footwear, Adidas has been a prominent name, and their Ultraboost series has garnered significant attention from athletes and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

In this in-depth article, we’ll explore the differences between two popular iterations of the Ultraboost model: Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and Ultraboost 5.0 DNA.

From sizing and cushioning to breathability and toebox, we’ll delve into each aspect to help you make an informed choice.

So, let’s lace up and dive in!

Ultraboost 4.0 DNA vs 5.0 DNA – (Quick Comparison Table)

To provide a comprehensive overview, let’s summarize the key differences between Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and 5.0 DNA in the following comparison table:

FeatureUltraboost 4.0 DNAUltraboost 5.0 DNA
SizingTrue to sizeSlightly snug in certain areas
CushioningPlush stretchweb outsoleHighly boosted midsole
BreathabilityPrimeknit upper for superior air circulationBusier top design reduces air circulation
ToeboxMedium-sizedLarger, allowing natural toe splaying

What’s the difference between Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and 5.0?


One of the key considerations when choosing the right shoe is finding the perfect fit. Ultraboost 4.0 DNA tends to fit true to size, providing a comfortable fit for most individuals.

On the other hand, Ultraboost 5.0 DNA shares a similar sizing profile but may feel slightly snug in certain areas. If you have broader feet, it is advisable to opt for a half size larger with Ultraboost 4.0 DNA to ensure optimal comfort.


Cushioning plays a vital role in providing a responsive and comfortable running experience. Ultraboost 4.0 DNA features a stretchweb outsole that incorporates plush cushioning.

This not only protects against shocks and impact but also enhances energy return, making each stride feel more efficient.

In contrast, Ultraboost 5.0 DNA boasts a highly boosted midsole, delivering a bouncy cushioning sensation, particularly in the heel area.


When it comes to keeping your feet cool and fresh during intense workouts or runs, breathability becomes crucial.

Ultraboost 4.0 DNA takes the lead in this aspect, thanks to its Primeknit upper. The Primeknit material allows for superior air circulation, ensuring that your feet stay well-ventilated even during demanding activities.

On the other hand, Ultraboost 5.0 DNA features a busier top design, which reduces air circulation slightly, resulting in a comparatively less breathable experience.


The size and structure of the toebox can significantly impact the overall comfort and natural movement of your toes. Ultraboost 4.0 DNA boasts a medium-sized toebox that provides a snug yet accommodating fit.

In contrast, Ultraboost 5.0 DNA features a larger toebox, allowing your feet to splay and return to their original shape more naturally. This extra room can be beneficial for individuals who prefer a more spacious toe area during their runs or workouts.

Is the Ultraboost DNA good for running?

Both Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and 5.0 DNA are designed to excel in running activities. The cushioning systems, supportive structures, and premium materials contribute to a comfortable and responsive running experience.

However, personal preferences and individual running styles play a crucial role in determining which version is the best fit for you.

Some runners may prefer the plush cushioning and energy return of Ultraboost 4.0 DNA, while others may gravitate towards the bouncy feel and larger toebox of Ultraboost 5.0 DNA.

Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 Vs 5.0 – Which is better?

Choosing between Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and 5.0 DNA ultimately boils down to personal preference and specific requirements. Both versions offer exceptional comfort, premium materials, and advanced technologies.

If you prioritize a more breathable shoe and prefer a medium-sized toebox, Ultraboost 4.0 DNA could be the ideal choice for you.

On the other hand, if you desire a bouncier cushioning sensation and a larger toebox that allows for natural toe splaying, Ultraboost 5.0 DNA might be the better option.


In conclusion, Ultraboost 4.0 DNA and 5.0 DNA are remarkable iterations of Adidas’ popular Ultraboost line. Both versions offer exceptional comfort, premium materials, and advanced features.

The choice between the two comes down to personal preference, with considerations such as sizing, cushioning, breathability, and toebox size playing pivotal roles.

Whether you prioritize breathability and a medium-sized toebox or bouncier cushioning and a larger toebox, Adidas Ultraboost has a model to suit your needs.

So, lace up a pair that fits your style, hit the pavement, and elevate your running experience with Ultraboost DNA.

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