Veja vs Superga: Which One Is Better For You?

When it comes to comfortable and stylish sneakers, two brands stand out in the crowd – Veja and Superga.

These popular footwear brands have gained immense popularity for their unique designs, sustainable practices, and commitment to quality.

In this in-depth article, we will explore the key differences between Veja vs Superga sneakers, covering aspects such as design, comfort, styling, pricing, sustainability, and sizing.

By the end of this read, you’ll have a clear understanding of which brand suits your preferences the best.

Vega Overview

Veja sneakers are a sustainable footwear brand founded in 2005. They are known for their ethical and environmentally conscious production methods.

Veja’s sneakers are made with eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest, and leather sourced responsibly.

They prioritize fair trade practices, supporting local communities in Brazil. The brand has gained popularity for its stylish designs and commitment to transparency and social responsibility in the fashion industry.

Superga Overview

Superga sneakers are a popular footwear brand founded in 1911 in Italy. Known for their classic and versatile design, they feature a signature vulcanized rubber sole and cotton canvas upper.

Originally designed for tennis players, Superga has gained widespread appeal for their comfort and timeless style. The brand offers a wide range of colors and patterns, making them a favorite among fashion-conscious individuals looking for a casual yet chic option for everyday wear.

Veja vs Superga – Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a summarized comparison of the key features of Veja and Superga sneakers:

FeatureVeja SneakersSuperga Sneakers
DesignMinimalist, Eco-friendly MaterialsClassic, Wide Array of Materials
ComfortLightweight, Mold to FootSturdy, Cushioned Footbed
StylingVersatile, Fits Various OutfitsLaid-back Casual Look
PricingPremium Range, $100-$200Budget-friendly, $40-$100
SustainabilityEthical Practices, Eco-friendly MaterialsRecycled Cotton, Natural Rubber
SizingWide Range, EU 35 to EU 48True-to-Size Fit, US 5 to US 11

What’s the Difference Between Veja and Superga Sneakers


Veja sneakers are renowned for their minimalist and eco-friendly design. Crafted using organic cotton, wild rubber, and vegetable-tanned leather, these sneakers exude a simple yet elegant appeal.

On the other hand, Superga sneakers boast a classic design with their signature rubber sole, available in a wide array of materials and colors, making them a versatile choice for various outfits.


When it comes to comfort, both brands excel in their unique ways. Veja sneakers are lightweight and mold to the foot, providing a snug fit.

However, some users may find them less comfortable for all-day wear.

On the other hand, Superga sneakers are praised for their sturdiness, cushioned footbed, and thick rubber sole, ensuring a comfortable stride all day long.


Both Veja and Superga offer versatile styling options suitable for both men and women. Veja sneakers complement various looks, from casual jeans to elegant dresses and skirts. On the other hand, Superga sneakers are perfect for achieving a laid-back, casual look, effortlessly pairing with shorts, jeans, or dresses.


Price is a crucial consideration when choosing between Veja and Superga sneakers. Veja sneakers, reflecting their eco-friendly materials and quality craftsmanship, generally fall in the higher price range, ranging from around $100 to $200. On the other hand, Superga sneakers are more budget-friendly, ranging from $40 to $100.


Both Veja and Superga are committed to sustainability. Veja’s dedication to eco-friendly materials and ethical practices shines through in their use of organic cotton and wild rubber, along with collaborating with small-scale producers in Brazil.

Similarly, Superga incorporates recycled cotton and natural rubber in their sneakers, alongside efforts to reduce waste.


Veja offers a wide range of sizes, catering to diverse foot dimensions, from EU 35 to EU 48, with half sizes available. Superga sneakers come in sizes from US 5 to US 11, offering a true-to-size fit across their styles.

Veja vs Superga: Which is Better?

Selecting the better brand between Veja and Superga ultimately boils down to individual preferences and priorities.

If you prioritize sustainability and eco-conscious materials, Veja might be the perfect fit for you. Their minimalist design and focus on organic and ethically sourced materials resonate with those who value environmental responsibility.

On the other hand, if comfort and affordability top your list, Superga could be your ideal choice. Their classic design, cushioned footbed, and budget-friendly pricing make them a go-to option for many sneaker enthusiasts.

Is Veja considered luxury?

Veja’s commitment to sustainable practices and high-quality materials does place them in the premium sneaker category.

With prices ranging from $100 to $200, Veja sneakers are seen as an investment for those seeking both style and eco-consciousness.

Why is Veja so popular?

Veja’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, their dedication to sustainability and ethical practices has resonated with consumers who seek eco-friendly products.

Moreover, the brand’s minimalist and contemporary designs appeal to those who appreciate timeless style. Additionally, the endorsement of Veja by numerous celebrities and influencers has significantly contributed to its popularity.


Both Veja and Superga have earned their place as iconic sneaker brands, each catering to a distinct set of preferences.

Veja’s commitment to sustainability and minimalist design attracts those who prioritize eco-consciousness and contemporary style. On the other hand, Superga’s classic appeal, affordability, and all-day comfort make them a popular choice for casual and versatile wear.

In the end, the better choice between Veja and Superga depends on your personal values, style preferences, and budget.

Whether you opt for the eco-friendly allure of Veja or the timeless comfort of Superga, you’ll undoubtedly be stepping into a world of enduring fashion and iconic design. Happy sneaker hunting!

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